As crime is spiking, Governor Cuomo backs police reform to reduce the footprint of the NYPD

Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo is backing police reform throughout the state of New York while at the same time lamenting that crime has gone through the roof. Cuomo has ordered each local government to submit a plan for police reform by April 1, 2021, or risk losing state-provided law enforcement funding.

According to Cuomo, everyone is dissatisfied with the status quo, including cops, the citizenry, and activists. Cuomo apparently thinks that police reform, however it’s defined, is the path forward to restore the overall relationship. “Police have to do their job. And the community has to feel respected.”

Taking this to the next level, the far-left New York City Council has put forth a sweeping and politicized plan to reduce the footprint of the NYPD while increasing its accountability in a municipality where shootings increased nearly 100 percent and murder surged 41 percent in 2020. Cuomo is reportedly also backing the possibility of the NYPD coming under the control of a court-appointed monitor.

As part of its reform plan, the city council, among other things, wants to end qualified immunity for cops, making it easier for them to get sued for alleged misconduct, require council approval for the appointment of the police commissioner, allow a committee in addition to the police commissioner to discipline officers, prompt investigations of officers with an alleged history of bias, and deploy mental health emergency response units instead of cops in calls designated as mental health emergencies.


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In discussing these proposals on “Fox & Friends First,” GOP council member Joe Borelli warned that these policies, and by extension others likely to follow, are anything but benign and could further jeopardize public safety.

“We totally shouldn’t take their word for it that this is going to have no impact on the ability of the police department to protect us from crime. I mean, just look at the last year’s worth of legislation that the council has already done, from reducing the head count to criminalizing cops for doing their job,” he said.

“I don’t think we should trust what the city council…says will help police officers. But this is only going to have the impact of making it more difficult for any member of the NYPD to basically investigate, arrest, and then bring a prosecution against a potential perp,” he added.

Families that have fled the once-prosperous, destination city during the pandemic are making the move permanent, he added.

“Look, for many years, people are willing to pay a premium to live in a city that was once as great as New York City was, and unfortunately with the rising crime rates, I think few are going to be likely to return,” Borelli said.

“And it’s a political problem, and this is an election year for the mayor and city council. We have eight or nine or so avowed socialists running for the city council, and they’re probably going to win. So I don’t think this problem just goes away if this particular package of bills is squashed. I think this becomes a long-term direction for the city council and mayor,” he added.

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Retired Las Vegas Police Lt. Randy Sutton, the founder of The Wounded Blue organization, then chimed in about the lack of competency of both Cuomo and deeply unpopular NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio when it comes to criminal justice:

“The policies put forth by de Blasio, by Cuomo, have literally made the streets of New York City run red with blood. You look at what the city council is doing now; they may try to make it sound like it’s benign, but this is an outright power grab. This is all about politics. This has nothing to do with the safety of the citizens of New York. And the citizens should not be fooled by what they are seeing really placed before them right now,” Sutton told Fox News Channel anchor Todd Piro.

New York lawmakers have arguably made things worse by enacting bail reform, which amounts to a catch-and-release process for even violent offenders.

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